Our Group has been sustained by four generations of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Handtmann family from Biberach. It combines a 140-year tradition with modern management. A technological outlook, the requirements of business management and a sense of responsibility to people and the company complement each another to form an indivisible whole. These aspects are permanently embedded in our corporate culture, which we visibly put into practice. It is expressed in top quality technology, innovation and the long-term strategic thinking of a family business that places the centre of attention on the individual person.
Right up to today, Arthur Handtmann, who built the company starting in 1946 with 20 employees into a powerful Group, embodies this philosophy in his function as Chairman of the Advisory Board. Representing the fourth generation, Thomas Handtmann took over responsibility in 1998 and is shaping the future in the same spirit. At the time the company had about 1500 employees. The members of the fifth generation, 17 in number, are currently being prepared to assume responsibility according to interest and aptitude in the operations of the corporate group. A family charter outlines the basis for approval in such cases.
Autonomous management structures are established in a decentralised organisation in six divisions. At the head of the Group, a holding company with an Advisory Board acts as the management, financing and holding company. In the year 2013 sales of approximately 580 million Euros were generated with about 3,000 employees. For the coming years it is calculated on an increase of the turnover and therefore with a continuation of the growth.



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